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Story 4 - Kamalika's Sound Therapy Tale

In a world where the noise of modern life often drowns out our inner voices, Kamalika has found a way to restore balance and harmony through the ancient practice of sound healing. Her journey, rooted in both traditional wisdom and modern science, has transformed her life and the lives of many others.

Sound healing, as Kamalika explains, goes beyond mere auditory experience. It affects us at a cellular level, harmonizing frequencies that soothe the nervous system. Our bodies, with their natural frequencies, often need tuning—a task that sound healing accomplishes through specific rhythms and sonic massages. Tools like Tibetan singing bowls, which are handmade from an alloy of seven different metals and range from 110Hz to 660Hz, play a crucial role in this process. These frequencies penetrate deep into tissues, rejuvenating cells and rewiring brain waves. Other tools in her arsenal include the Morchang, Rainstick, and Gong.

Kamalika's connection with music and yoga traces back to her childhood. She actively participated in yoga competitions and events during her school years, representing Karnataka. Her deep dive into the concepts of yoga and various meditation practices laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors.

Kamalika's venture into the realm of sound healing began when she joined a unique startup called Zariyaa. At Zariyaa, the blend of cognitive and sub-cognitive tools offered a distinctive approach to wellness. The founders of Zariyaa, along with Kamalika, introduced her to the rich tapestry of ancient wisdom and modern psychology. This fusion opened her eyes to the profound effects of sound on the human body and mind.

At Zariyaa, Kamalika experienced sound healing firsthand. Surrounded by practitioners, she immersed herself in research and practice. This led her to wellness travels, during which she collected diverse sound healing tools from places like Auroville. Armed with knowledge and experience, Kamalika eventually launched her own brand called "Lotus Sound Meditation", offering private and group sessions for sound healing and meditation.

Kamalika’s sessions are not just about sound; they are about connection. She uses affirmations, breathwork, meditation, and heartfelt conversations to create a vulnerable and open space for participants. Before each session, Kamalika grounds herself, centering her energy and visualizing a protective aura to shield against negative influences. This self-care routine ensures that she remains unaffected by any external negativity.

Kamalika’s sound healing sessions have led to remarkable transformations. One memorable experience she shared was of a client, recovering from a cardiac episode, felt disconnected from himself for a long time. Through consecutive sessions, he found physical relief and a deeper understanding of his existence. She was also approached by people who thanked her as they had struggled to sleep and were in a much better headspace after they had attended her sound healing sessions.

Kamalika finds it easier to attract those who practice yoga, as they are already attuned to their bodies and minds. These individuals resonate instantly with sound healing, effortlessly zoning into a meditative state.

Her corporate sessions through Zariyaa are well-structured, but marketing her own brand Lotus Sound Meditation, presents unique challenges. Kamalika uses social media, testimonials, and detailed information about sound healing to reach a broader audience. She also hosts full moon sessions, creating a mellow and soothing atmosphere with candles and lighting.

Kamalika’s goal is to create safe spaces for people to release their burdens. While she currently caters to corporate clients, she envisions expanding to schools, colleges, universities, and even cafes, particularly vegan ones, for sound sessions.

For those interested in pursuing a career in sound healing, Kamalika emphasizes understanding the power of sound and its evolving role in mainstream wellness. Investing in training and creating a unique practice are crucial. Sound healing is not just about personal growth but helping others realize it’s a safe space for them.

At just 24, Kamalika often faces questions about why she chose to create this space at such a young age. This question always makes her smile. The answer lies in her intense passion for self-work—observing herself, being aware of her thoughts and actions, and exploring the depths of her inner world. This journey of self-discovery excites her immensely.

While she avoids romanticizing her experiences, Kamalika acknowledges that her life’s challenges and sufferings have shaped her path. She believes these obstacles are not mere hindrances but guiding lights that lead us to our higher selves. Through sound healing, Kamalika aims to help others navigate their journeys, using the power of sound to bring harmony and healing.

And that’s why she started this space: to create a place where we can all support each other, find strength in our vulnerabilities, celebrate our individual and collective growth, seek out the beauty in every experience, and be so ready for the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

" Right now, I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. There’s so much more I want to explore and do but what drives me is not just the growth of this space, but the desire to deepen my connection with the universe and just connect with people, to listen to their stories and just be a medium through which happiness and evolution can flow" as shared by Kamalika.

On the 22nd of June 2024, Kamalika will be hosting a full moon meditation session in Bangalore. This two-hour session will harness the energy of the full moon to release old, negative energy and welcome positive new energy. She also offers online sessions regularly, incorporating meditation, breathwork, and sound healing.

Through her dedicated practice, she continues to touch lives, helping individuals find balance, relief, and a deeper connection to themselves.

If you are interested to book an online sound meditation session, check out the link below:

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