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Soap and Lather

There's more to a soap than just fragrance.

Did you know that a beauty bar/facial cleanser is not the same as soap, despite its appearance? To be called soap, a product must contain oils that, when combined with a base, go through a process known as saponification. Most commercial beauty bars/facial cleansers are referred to as such since they are not soaps and instead include surfactants rather than natural oils. So, don't you think it's more important to choose a product with clean and skin-loving ingredients over one with surfactants/other chemicals?

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Our story

Limewoods began as a home business in 2018, with the goal of bringing affordable and skin-loving products to the market. We have always made products in small batches to ensure each product is treated delicately. It's time to stop using mass-produced commercial personal care products that can be found on every retail store shelf, that are constantly advertised across all media platforms to persuade viewers that the products are good enough, and that are marketed in such a way that their products magically brighten complexion, fade spots, avoid acne, and so on. The reality is that all of these skin-related issues are natural in every human being due to weather conditions, food consumed, lifestyle habits, and so on, and that a single chemical-filled product cannot help with these issues on its own.  Chances are it may even ruin your delicate skin in the long run. As a result, we wanted to bring products with real ingredients that have a positive impact on your skin, as opposed to other chemicals used in mass-produced products. Limewoods aims not only to sell products to customers, but also to educate them on how mass-produced products by larger corporations influence customers’ buying behaviour. Do yourself a favor and read the ingredients of every product before purchasing it :) 

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