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Easy Spa

Welcome to Easy Spa, launching October 2024. At Easy Spa, we bring the luxury of a spa experience directly to your home. Our online spa packages allow you to customize the perfect pampering session with a selection of premium products tailored to your needs. Each package includes a step-by-step guide. Enhance your relaxation with our exclusive online Gong therapy sessions, designed to help you practice deep breathing and meditation while rejuvenating your skin. Discover a new way to unwind and glow with Easy Spa.

Choose 1 soap
Coffee Kaolin Clay soap
Olive Beet extract soap
Charcoal Roseclay soap
Wild Orange Turmeric soap
Spirulina Kaolin Clay soap
Choose 1 Face Mask
Beet Blush Face Mask
Cultured Green Face Mask
Choose 1 Glow Tin
Sweet Silk Glow Tin
Petal Dew Glow Tin
Choose Botanical Hair Tea
Botanical hair Tea
Choose Beeswax Lip balm
Clear Butter Lip Balm
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